Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Supervised Models

We build Artificial Intelligence models that exploit existing tags and labels to learn. This learning process allows our platforms to replicate, automate, improve, existing processes that no longer require operations or supervision.

Unsupervised templates

With no tags and labels to create supervised models, we offer you unsupervised models that autonomously build links and labels, showing the hidden knowledge in the data and content available. The purpose of unsupervised models is to highlight information formerly unknown and enable solutions to problems previously ignored, such as the ability to assemble legal files and documents into similar groups, verify anomalies between data, build diagnostic and predictive systems.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language interpretation models and modules extract information from textual content and documents transforming it into knowledge. We tailor the best Natural Language Processing techniques and technologies in the legal domain, enhancing the understanding of an industry language characterized by specific terms and concepts.

Virtual Assistant and Smart Intelligent Agent

The use of a conversational interface (chatbot-based) helps to make search queries, consult the status of indicators and recommendations, respond to notifications, interact with the Enterprise Legal Management platform (e.g. with the legal agenda).

Through intelligent agents, it is possible to monitor deadlines, events and the presence of new information.

Big Data

Bring order among the heterogeneous data and information, provide real-time analysis of phenomena, make forecasts and support your new processes based on artificial intelligence.

Our Big Data platform is fully adaptive and able to manage large amounts of heterogeneous data. The applied technology allows you to easily enjoy the benefits of Real Time Analysis on all existing data, without extensive pre-processing operations.


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