Legal AI

Legal Data Analytics

What if our Legal AI solutions will finally allow you to transform vast amounts of data into valuable knowledge? Interested in the enormous benefits that an AI-powered system can bring to your business?

We develop Legal AI solutions and applications to draw valuable knowledge from a large amount of heterogeneous data aiming to enhance productivity and facilitate activities when managing legal cases, and support users’ operational choices; support strategic decisions for more efficient process management; create value by supporting business processes outside the legal structure, supporting the identification of areas for improvement, possible corrective actions and related risks/benefits.

Legal AI applications embrace three functional areas:

#LegalAutomation – automation of tasks performed manually during a case, adding value in terms of improved productivity;

#LegalDiscovery – advanced intelligent search on documents and unstructured content towards a “cognitive” approach that contextualises information; search by concepts, entities, semantically similar words, citations, legislative references;

#LegalAnalytic – advanced, customised insight retrieval dashboards ease the display of large volumes of heterogeneous data supporting users in making strategic decisions.


EUforLEGAL's advanced data analysis platforms are built on modular Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing engines, totally tailored to your needs

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EUFORLEGAL SRL è una società EUSTEMA SPA - P.IVA  15957891003