Teleforum FOR® is an innovative platform employed by the largest corporations in the country to manage out-of-court and in-court litigation, monitor activities and provide reliable legal risk forecasts.

With Teleforum FOR® companies, public bodies and law firms gained great results in terms of reduction of legal costs, enjoying an advanced legal analytics platform to support strategic decisions and proactive office automation tools to improve their daily operations

Depositing documents electronically through Teleforum FOR® is now easy and immediate. The CERTO Module from Teleforum FOR facilitates seamless interaction with Ministry of Justice systems, offering access to the Telematic Process with multiple benefits accessible through a few simple clicks:

  • Automatic composition of encrypted electronic envelopes for transmission to Justice systems via PEC, utilizing content directly sourced from Teleforum FOR.
  • Integrated digital document signatures.
  • Telematic deposition and streamlined management of all processes with the Ministry of Justice.

CERTO enhances the operational efficiency of legal offices, minimizing the risk of errors and reducing manual data entry tasks.

Teleforum FOR® is also geared to embrace AI with the Minerva for legal cognitive platform. This intervention spans from information acquisition to the analysis of both structured and unstructured data, empowering legal offices to effectively manage and transform the myriad of information they encounter daily into actionable knowledge.


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