Our advanced cognitive platform collects large amounts of structured and textual data from heterogeneous legal sources: it can automatically process and structure the data using powerful Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning algorithms for natural language understanding (NLP) and textual information.

Minerva for Legal explores the similarities between heterogeneous and differently source data, suggests and realises automatic classifications of legal documents and practices (Legal Discovery), analyses historical data to build timely predictions, and examines working practices by extracting value and transforming it into knowledge useful in the decision-making process (Legal Analytic).

Minerva for Legal seamlessly integrates with the advanced litigation management platform Teleforum FOR®, as well as any existing management systems within the organization, enabling efficient access to information and value creation from the voluminous and complex data of legal departments.

The Minerva for Legal SaaS cloud service is provided in compliance with all infrastructure and organization security criteria, as outlined in the self-assessment survey, issued in the Cloud Security Alliance STAR registry, it is also qualified in the ACN marketplace (National Cybersecurity Agency)

Learn more about Legal Automation, Legal Discovery, and Legal Analytics and step into the world of Minerva for Legal.

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