Our advanced cognitive platform collects large amounts of structured and textual data from heterogeneous legal sources: it can automatically process and structure the data using powerful Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning algorithms for natural language understanding (NLP) and textual information.

Minerva for Legal explores the similarities between heterogeneous and differently source data, suggests and realises automatic classifications of legal documents and practices, analyses historical data to build timely predictions, and examines working practices by extracting value and transforming it into knowledge useful in the decision-making process.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) services

#Extractionto automatically process and understand natural language (NLP), information contained in legal texts, documents or images and metadata;

#Retrieval to extract (search & discovery) information in natural language using semantic similarity, for concepts, metadata and navigable elements (interlinks);

#ContentIntelligentEnrichment with legal prediction solutions on time, costs and outcomes; litigation similarity to identify practices similar to practices under analysis; legal recommendation to suggest the choice of lawyer to assign to a practice; language generation (NLG) to support the writing of legal documents.

Business services

Integration via APIs within the organisation's pre-existing information ecosystem:

#Legal Big Data HUB allows the collection, aggregation and classification of different legal sources into a single data lake constituting the knowledge base;

#Cognitive Search Engine is an smart search engine that acts on the knowledge base to extract information of interest through natural language queries and semantic analysis;

#Advanced Analytic Engine facilitates advanced data analysis for correlations, time/cost forecasting of case processing, performance analysis of the legal process.

Ready-to-use applications

#LegalDiscoveryAPP - for an improved smart search experience on concepts, entities, semantically similar words, citations and legislative references in documents and tabular and textual content;

#LegalAnalyticAPP - customised dashboards for advanced exploratory, diagnostic and predictive data analysis;

#APIExplorerAPP -to create new services from the aggregation of services already available on the cognitive platform.

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EUFORLEGAL SRL è una società EUSTEMA SPA - P.IVA  15957891003