Our advanced cognitive platform provide legal workers with the ability to collect large amounts of data from different sources (public and private), apply advanced AI and Deep Learning algorithms to automatically process and structure heterogeneous data sets, interpret language and information in texts to produce valuable knowledge.

Minerva for legal investigates analogies between heterogeneous data from different sources, suggests and implements automatic classifications of legal documents and practices, examines historical data to build timely forecasts, examines working practices to suggest actions to implement to achieve the best strategies.

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EUFORLEGAL SRL è una società EUSTEMA SPA - P.IVA  15957891003Sede Via Carlo Mirabello, 7 - 00195 RomaTel.: +39 06372721; +39 06374931

EUFORLEGAL SRL è una società EUSTEMA SPA - P.IVA  15957891003