Our professionals support and guide legal areas of both public and private organizations, as well as major law firms (o farm), in their journey towards automation and innovation, providing technical and process consultancy: we employ the full potential offered by the new technologies, including artificial intelligence systems, natural language processing techniques, and machine learning, together with content analysis systems, advanced search, and predictive analytics.

Learn more about how we help and accompany our clients through their digital transformation journey:

Change Management

With our change management services, we support legal offices and major law firms in formulating the technological strategy and implementing the optimal roadmap for change.

The introduction of innovative management systems necessitates the implementation of an action plan to mitigate the change process.

We offer standardized procedures and methods to minimize impacts on the organization and services during all phases of the process: communication, listening, involvement, training, and corporate events for discussion.

Our organizational design and project management professionals provide continuous support throughout the digital and organizational transformation journey.

Knowledge Management

With our knowledge management solutions, you can benefit the wealth of knowledge accumulated over years of operation, facilitating its dissemination among your team to drive business objectives and mitigate the risks of failure or errors.
We give support in managing, organizing, and maximizing the value of your company’s information assets, drawing upon our deep domain expertise.
By leveraging new technologies that transform raw data into structured information, combined with our knowledge and skills, you can achieve your goals of increased individual productivity and value creation for the company.

Custom Implementations

Our extensive experience in automating solutions and digitalizing legal operations across various sectors positions us as the right partner for your company’s digital transformation journey.

We identify and tailor the best solution for your specific strategic and procedural needs, drawing upon our knowledge of the most innovative technologies, availability of tools, and adherence to the best practices.

System & Partner Integration

Our long experience in implementing integration projects with corporate systems will allow you to optimize and capitalize on investments.
Flexibility in approach and the use of best-in-class technologies result in the creation of strategic digital ecosystems.

Our experts combine technological expertise with knowledge of typical legal activity processes, successfully conducting you through the legal world’s digital transformation.
Choose the change and a new partners to achieve your business goals at lower costs.


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